Visit Venilale – Timor Leste

Venilale is a beautiful town and sub-district south of Baucau in East Timor (Timor Leste). It features stunning mountain scenery, natural tourist attractions, historic and cultural places to visit. On top of that, the wonderful people of Venilale relish having visitors come to the area. Visiting Venilale is visiting the “real” East Timor!


This website is supported by Friends of Venilale, a non-profit, community organisation with a formal relationship with the Sub-District of Venilale in Timor Leste. Friends of Venilale is supported by the Mansfield Shire Council (Australia) and part of the Australia-East Timor Friendship Association.

Are you looking to arrange a trip to Venilale? Contact the Venilale Tourist Centre. The centre can provide a local guide, as well as translate and obtain permission for you to visit local sites.

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