The Venilale Tourist Centre

The Venilale Tourist Centre is housed in the blue building on the hill at the end of the main street of Venilale – you can’t miss it!

The staff at the Venilale Tourist Centre can arrange tours of the sights of Venilale with our tourist guide, Joni.

Joni speaks English, Tetun, Portuguese and Indonesian. If you want to explore Venilale, Joni has a huge smile and an extensive local knowledge of all the locations of interest as well being able to fill you in on the history of this fascinating town.

In addition, our staff will seek permission on your behalf to enter some of the beautiful areas around Venilale from the local Xefi (leader) so you don’t run into trouble passing through other people’s land uninvited. There are beautiful spots, such as the hot springs, that are culturally sensitive and you are required to have a guide to accompany you to ensure to don’t inadvertently breach any taboos.

The Tourist Centre now also has an internet cafe, in addition to general tourist information and the Feto ba Dame (Women for Peace) tais shop. The shop supports local women’s industry and stocks local tais products and jewelery. To learn more about supporting women’s income in Veniale, click here.

To arrange your visit to Venilale, or to make an enquiry, contact the Tourist Centre here.

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