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There are a host of attractions to see in Venilale. Below is a sample of the most popular.


Hot Springs (Bee Manas)

Hot Springs (Bee Manas)

Located about forty minutes from Venilale township there are beautiful hot springs. Many enjoy swimming here. The water is clear and warm and surrounded by steep mountains and coconut trees.




Seven Caves (Fatuk Kuak Hitu)

Seven Caves (Fatuk Kuak Hitu)

During 1942 Japanese soldiers invaded Timor-Leste, evidence of their time here can be seen from the Seven Caves hand made by Timorese workers. Japanese soldiers used the caves as a hiding place for ammunition and war tools.



Escola do Reino

Escola do Reino

Built by Portuguese in 1933 Escola Do Reino is now used by the Don Bosco Padres. It houses computers, a library, an additional toy library that opens for local children and a meeting room. It was recently restored by Portuguese aid in 2005.



Venilale Market (Merkadu Venilale)

Held from 6am-11am on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the markets bring local people from neighbouring villages to buy or sell produce, clothes, fruit and vegetables and tais/locally woven cloth. These markets form a focus for the economic and social life of the sub-district and many people walk for hours to bring their produce for sale. The market transforms Venilale into a hive of ladies carrying produce on their heads and men milling with roosters tucked under their arms. It is an excellent time to witness all the comings and goings on in town!

Venilale markets: Wednesdays and Saturdays


Uma Lulik

 Sacred House (Uma Lulik)

Uma Luliks were burnt down during Indonesian occupation, they are very important for Timorese culture. The Uma Lulik is a sacred place of traditional ceremony and a place of ritual. Tais, traditional tools and sacred items are kept here.



Lake Baha-Mori

Lake Baha-mori

Lake Baha Mori has a lot of superstition surrounding the way in which this area became the beautiful lake that it now is. Some say a woman lives at the bottom of the lake; she previously had a house there and after some dispute the area was transformed into a very deep lake. Superstition cautions visitors to be careful when visiting this area.


Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge/Ponte Natureza

Descending from a rough track road is an inconspicuous path to the Natural Bridge. The bridge is a naturally formed earth formation over a deep channel of blue water.




Mt Ariana (Foho Ariana)

  Mt Ariana (Foho Ariana)

A steep but pleasant walk will take you to the spectacular crest of Mount Ariana. This will take about an hour round trip from the road. Once at the top you will be sitting with the statue of Mary and be able to see all of Timor.



The view from Mt Ariana (Foho Ariana):

Rice Paddies From Mt Ariana

To organise your tour of these sites, contact the Venilale Tourist Centre here.

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