Venilale Sub-district Administrator Visits Mansfield

Ola Companeros, Thought I would give a quick run down on the weekend with Sr Julio and Carlos.  After leaving Preston Market with Janet and Al – Lunch with David and Jenny, Charlene Kent (CD Worker Shire) Rabi, (IT) Karina(CDommunity Services) and Riva (Baby) Ranjit,  Harmie Graeme and of course Janet Al.  We had a long pleasant lunch, Carlos and Sr Julio returned to Backpackers and then back to Harmies with Matt Woodward and Anne Eldridge to watch the CD Man from Snowy River- We were to go and meet Gerard Egan and his horses (this didnt eventuate as things ran late.) After Breakfast Sunday visit to Harmies Tabletop Rd property- big discussions on “Water harvesting” – specifically pumping water “uphill”, catching rain water off the roof (both spoke about Madres and Padres having tanks but not hooked up?- lack of knowledge of hooked up piping Carlos thought a system also for agricultural crops/vegetables during the dry season (from water harvesting) We also talked about transporting tanks (Collapsable with a lining easier ie a ute) compared to appropriate big trucks transporting large cylinders and cheap simple plumbing like poly pipe.  Carlos and Julio also talked about composting toilets.  They saw our Photo voltaics system and that we had one set of batteries charging whilst using the power from the second set.  Carlos mentioned that Venilale has no money and I mentioned how could Venilale work together with Mansfield to put these ideas into a plan? municipal strategy? How could we both do this? Sr. Julio and Carlos both have a sense of future and are impressed re specific plantations of tree growing for buildings and fuel, furnitre etc differentiated to native tree removal, which of course lead to discussions about soil erosion and climate change. ( this was also approached as an economic development initiative) Sr Julio himself plants 50 trees a year.  Both men also viewed our “recycling” use of materials for the buildings ie second hand and pre loved timber, iron etc as an environmental approach. Off to the Transfer station were Carlos took the lead with Sr julio and gave hime a very thorough guided tour. After this a wind down with the Capella singers 21st anniversary (which was beautiful) at St Johns Hall.  Wherever we went the men made an impression on all and people were interested in our two “Friends of Venilale” which was a real priveledge for myself and Graeme.

Few points to raise:
1. Carlos contacted Kirra to come to Mansfield to “help” Sr Juilo with Language- we went through the itinery and David’s excellent Indonesion etc but Carlos clear Manna Kirra comming and yes she is staying with Harmie Friday/Saturday night (which is fine by me)
2. Wendy Jaegger – Potter was happy to have both men visit her gallery and studio on Tuesday- however it may be the Andrew Crockett/Ed Adamson can take them Wednesday, and both Andrew and Ed know about this idea and if they’re interested to have this occurr.  Andrew may also take to Ed’s to see the tree planting, commercial growing, and good environmental practices.
3. Sr Julio also knows Kyam (Kim) at the roundabout milkbar (very well)
4.  Both men chose to stay at the backpackers tonight as they wanted Sr Julio to see Toni Appelbys place first so he could make his decision.
5. Carlos has a large bag of sewing from Georgina and the womens group he is keen to sell them all so he can give the women the money.  I suggested to him maybe Friends of Venilale could buy them all? and then sell them via Made in Mansfield (which was viewed from outside the store) I will drop these of to Kaaren on monday morning.

See you all monday PM at the Delatite Hotel-Harmie

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