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Following the visits of Boss and Candida to Mansfield, it was the turn of Mansfield residents to visit Venilale. Ann Eldred and friends stayed in June with the Mansfield Secondary College group visiting in July. These trips involved huge fund raising activities which enabled much needed medical and educational supplies to be. The Partnership program continues to grow and submissions from Venilale have very generously been financed. Although toilets, packs for girls and educational and sporting facilities are extremely important it is the grass roots connection of people from our two communities meeting that have made this friendship relationship so unique.

Wild Timor Coffee is a coffee importing company founded by four Australian Peace-keepers after returning from service in East Timor. FOV supports ‘Wild Timor’ because it is a new business and they pay their farmers even better than fair trade companies.

Boss designed an official logo for Friends of Mansfield which was approved by the committee in July. The logo itself was created by using Mansfield and Venilale colours. The symbol of holding hands represents our friendship.
Boss also created a certificate of appreciation for Jack who inspired and taught skills in drawing and painting for students who have never had the opportunity to express themselves in this way. Coloured pencils are a luxury in Venilale.

While Boss was in Mansfield he undertook architectural work for the Church of England but was unable to be paid because of the type of visa he had. His greatest wish was for the children of Venilale to be able to learn English, drawing/painting and music. So it was agreed that funds would be made available so that this dream could be realised. For several months young people aged from 8 to 20 have been coming to the Community Centre in their free time to take advantage of the skills that Jack and Boss could share. Joni, Ernesto and visitors to Venilale also contributed when they were available. The music sessions included lessons in drums, guitar and ukuleles which were a gift from an initiative of Andy Kimber from Friends of Lacluta.

The group finished their trip to Timor Leste with relaxing visits to Atauro, Liquisa and Balibo.

The most memorable aspects for the students were meeting local kids, making friends and enjoying the company of locals like Joni, Boss and Ernesto.

All the schools welcomed us with amazing ceremonies including dancing, music and traditional costumes.

Mansfield Steiner School’s annual fun bike ride from Mansfield to Maindample raised funds for their friendship school, Uai Laco Junior High. Lily Bennett was able to present an external hard drive to the Principal with the school also receiving funds for a printer and a speaker for their school sound system. With great pleasure David Foster, President of FoV, accepted a hand drawn poster symbolising their friendship which was later presented to the Steiner students of Mansfield.

The girls who previously attended St Mary’s Primary School— Lily Bennett, Bethany Vogelzang, Jacinda DixonRielly, Faith Howland, Molly Worts and Julia Davies, gave the students balls and pumps. Later in the year they intend to present a slide show to students at St Mary’s showing life in Venilale from a child’s perspective

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How much does education cost in Venilale? For one year: Junior High School Grades 7-9 = $80 Senior High School Grades 10-12 = $120 University—$240 Technical College - $240 To study to be a nurse or midwife - $530

How much does education cost in Venilale?
For one year:

Junior High School
Grades 7-9 = US$80

Senior High School
Grades 10-12 = US$120


Technical College – US$240

To study to be a nurse or
midwife – US$530

Venilale Scholarship Funds Hunger for Education
Timor Leste has had a tumultuous history over the past twenty years. Forced occupation, a war of inde-pendence and civil unrest have ruptured many fami-lies and deprived children of opportunity.
But the hunger for education is strong. One of the 2012 scholarship winners is Adriana da Costa, who walks two hours each way each day to attend Year 11 classes at Luga Oli Senior High School. After Adriana’s mother died in 2001 her father remarried and is no longer in contact with her.

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