Accommodation: Mazzarello Guest House

The Guest House dining room.

The Mazzarello, or “The Madres”,  is within an impressive large convent and technical school that overlooks the centre of Venilale. The accommodation is roomy, comfortable and clean.

Three meals a day can be requested which are served in a dining room with tables lovingly set and meals served by the young students studying their hospitality course. The meals are freshly made, full of flavour and varied, with quantities greater than you could possibly eat. Rich dark coffee is also served on request.

Guest room courtyard.

Bathrooms are clean and roomy with flush toilets and you bathe by using ladles of water and pouring it over yourself. On cool nights you are provided with flasks of hot water to bathe with. For a few dollars your laundry can also be done and appears clean and ironed on your bed in the afternoon.

Altogether, three meals, a beautiful room with towels and clean linen for under USD$25.00 per day per person. See details below.

Please note that bookings are essential.

Costs at 1 November 2012

Sleeping: USD $10.00 per person (includes bathroom)

– Breakfast $3.00 per person
– Lunch $5.00 per person
– Dinner $5.00 per person

Timorese coffee available with meals if requested. Meals are superb, with healthy local fresh produce. Your guests can stay for meals as well for the same meal price.

* Please note that the contact phone number for accommodation bookings is now +670 7723 8470 (as Timorese phone numbers were extended by a digit in July 2012).

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